Execution Based Consulting

If you haven’t noticed, I’m an entrepreneur. I love building things, I enjoy selling things, and I’m satisfied when I can solve my client’s problems. Successful businesses solve their client’s problems, but far too many business owners don’t succeed in building the life they want to live. We started Konsole to help business owners and executives at all levels live the business life of their dreams. We often see great businesses fail because executives are holding themselves back.

What exactly do you consult on?

Konsole Consulting focuses on three major areas of consulting: sales, marketing, and operations. The simplest way to put it, we help businesses make more money, keep more of the money they’re making, and work less for the money they’re making. A little hard to wrap your mind around that concept? We know, our clients get excited too, but always have questions!

Our research shows these three goals are what most business owners want to accomplish within their business. From a sales perspective, we help businesses perform at the levels they believe they should be operating. When it comes to marketing, we help businesses convert at a higher level, because who doesn’t like better conversion rates? From an operations perspective, we work closely with our clients to help them improve their processes, workflows, and maximize their time.

Anything else?

When we started Konsole, we wanted to find different and fun ways to differentiate ourselves from our competitors. We embarked on a number of projects to make ourselves more accessible to the world.

  1. Check us out on Youtube! Our interviews are very unique. We like to do live problem solving on camera. We don’t do any prep before our interviews and you can see it on camera! Too much fun! Subscribe to Konsole on YouTube!
  2. We’re also working on an awesome online course that will help entrepreneurs and aspirational entrepreneurs Launch Their Legacy! Subscribe to stay up to date!

Want to learn more? Feel free to reach out to our team and we’ll answer any questions you may have! E-mail: info@konsole.us